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In addition, you will need to submit pages 1-2 of your IRS Form 1040 from the 2023 tax filing year. (Please redact or mark out social security numbers.) This form may be uploaded with your application below, or may be emailed directly to FOCUS President & CEO, Yemi Akande-Bartsch at yemia@focus-stl.org. All forms/information will be kept securely and properly destroyed after the scholarship process is complete. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
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Please upload Pages 1-2 of your IRS Tax Form 1040 from the 2023 filing year, with Social Security numbers redacted or marked out. If you have any issues uploading the file, they may also be emailed to yemia@focus-stl.org. These materials will be securely stored and properly destroyed after the scholarship selection process is complete.