BoardBridge is an opportunity under the umbrella of FOCUS St. Louis, led by Executive-In-Residence Anna Crosslin, to help nonprofit boards identify more candidates, especially those who are immigrants or who have grown up in immigrant households. Including ethnically diverse St. Louisans on our nonprofit boards is essential if we are to think, act, and be more inclusive in a region that is evolving racially, culturally, and socially.

In fall 2023, we're launching a pilot test of BoardBridge, with the goal of enrolling and matching a limited number of organizations and applicants. BoardBridge aims to complement other St. Louis board recruitment initiatives, not replace them.

You're invited to help us field-test this process! There is no cost to participate for either organizations or individual applicants. (In order to select as diverse a pool as possible for organizations and applicants, we reserve the right to defer applications to the next round of matching in 2024.) 

Want to diversify your board? 

If your nonprofit is interested in participating, you need to:

If matched, your organization will receive one or more possible board candidates for consideration.


Want to serve on a board?

If you are interested in being considered for a board, you need to:

If matched, your information will be shared with one or more possible nonprofit boards for consideration.