2021-22 Civic Action Projects

Emerging Leaders

Civic Action Projects (CAP) are a key element of our Emerging Leaders curriculum, providing participants with the opportunity to work directly with community partners to address challenges facing our region and apply the leadership skills they’re developing in the program. Interested in hosting a project through your civic/community organization? Learn more here.

Fall 2021
  1. ACLU of Missouri
    Deepening and expanding relationships in the St. Louis and Kansas City target markets.
  2. City Greens Market
    Developing a multifaceted community engagement strategy to reach low-income residents in their target neighborhood.
  3. Employment Connection and Managed Work Services
    Expand their reach to increase the number of partner companies offering opportunities for justice-involved individuals.
  4. Food Outreach
    Addressing the diabetes epidemic through nutritional intervention.
  5. The Improv Shop
    Helping a small arts organization return from a pandemic downturn.
  6. Rung for Women
    Developing strategies for relationship-building, community engagement and recruitment.
Spring 2022
  1. 4theVille
    Support the continued establishment of a sustainable community-based tourism operation in the Ville through strategic plan-building, digital support, and merchandising design.
  2. A Red Circle
    Raise awareness and support for a community grocery store in North St. Louis County.
  3. City Greens Market
    Develop strategies for audience segmentation, community engagement, and awareness-building in the Grove neighborhood.
  4. Employment Connection 
    Evaluate and develop recommendations for digital upgrade.
  5. Wyman Center
    Research and develop an internal organizational DEI strategy connecting various levels of leadership in the organization.