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FOCUS Membership

Did you know donors and members provide more than half the funding needed to support FOCUS programs?
As a nonprofit, we rely on you! Your membership gift will help FOCUS equip and educate leaders to carry the St. Louis region forward. This is huge.

Your FOCUS membership also does at least five things for you.

    1. It demonstrates your belief that the St. Louis region deserves strong leadership.
    2. It's a great way to continue your engagement with FOCUS if you are a graduate of one of our programs.
    3. It connects you with other FOCUS members who are working on issues you care about.
    4. It entitles you to some great benefits, including tickets and discounts, access to the Member Directory, and a subscription to our newsletter.
    5. It feels great!
We invite you to join or renew your FOCUS membership today!


Contact Michelle Stevens, Director of Development, at (314) 657-4029 or by email.

If you'd to make a gift to support a particular FOCUS program, click here.