Change Starts with Leadership. Leadership Starts with FOCUS.

At FOCUS St. Louis, we believe that everyone has the potential for leadership. We believe that even the most difficult regional issues are solvable, and that people across the political spectrum desire but need inspiration, knowledge, and networks to take action.

As a national model for civic leadership development, we help people understand our community and build their capacity to lead in their organizations and communities.

Through education, network-building, information, cross-sector relationships, and experiential learning, FOCUS-trained leaders are prepared to make meaningful change in business, community, and their personal circles of influence.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating out of the St. Louis metropolitan region:
We educate leaders.
We connect leaders across sectors.
We facilitate the important conversations.

Our Impact

For more than 25 years, FOCUS has given leaders the tools they need to make a difference in their workplaces and their communities through our civic leadership programs and public issue convenings.

To date, we have more than 11,000 FOCUS alumni, and more than 70% still reside in the St. Louis region. You probably know one. You’ll find them serving on boards and commissions, starting and leading companies, running nonprofits, volunteering, running for office, speaking up and speaking out.

Here are just a few. Click on their photos to learn more about their leadership journeys.

Michelle Tucker
Tony Zagora
Arindam Kar
Natalie Self

FOCUS-trained leaders are collaborative. In our programs, participant learn how to work across geographic boundaries, sectors, and demographic divisions to advance positive change.

FOCUS-trained leaders are critical thinkers. Participants are challenged to look at issues from multiple angles, seek out new perspectives and voices and take meaningful action. 

FOCUS-trained leaders are connected. Participants build diverse networks of peers and mentors – both within their own program and across the FOCUS alumni community. 

FOCUS-trained leaders are civically engaged. While each person’s path is different, our participants graduate with a better understanding of St. Louis’ civic landscape and a greater sense of personal commitment and responsibility to the region.