Check Out the FOCUS Leaders Shaping St. Louis

Becky RasmussenAlumni, News

FOCUS leadership programs are known for bringing together individuals from across sectors, industries and backgrounds, so it’s no surprise to see that FOCUS alumni make up more than a quarter of St. Louis Magazine‘s list of 100+ People Shaping St. Louis.

We’re also excited to see our own FOCUS President and CEO Dr. Yemi Akande-Bartsch recognized!

Congratulations to all our alumni recognized, along with the many community partners and supporters on this list.

Andrew Bagnall (Experience St. Louis 2022)
Wesley Bell (Leadership St. Louis 2015)
Shira Berkowitz (Leadership St. Louis 2022)
Kate Casas (Leadership St. Louis 2014)
Mary Danforth Stillman (Leadership St. Louis 2015)
Ryan Davis (Leadership St. Louis 2022)
Kirven Douthit-Boyd (Leadership St. Louis 2022)
Steve Ehlmann (Leadership St. Louis 2003)
Phyllis Ellison (Leadership St. Louis 2018)
Flint Fowler (Leadership St. Louis 1993)
Marilyn Fox (Leadership St. Louis 1989)
Leslie Gill (Youth Leadership St. Louis 1993)
Michael Hamburg (Emerging Leaders 2015)
Ron Himes (Leadership St. Louis 1986)
Stacy Gee Hollins (Women In Leadership 2019)
Becky James-Hatter (Leadership St. Louis 2000/Impact St. Louis 1995)
Laura Kaiser (Leadership St. Louis 2022)
Mike Konzen (Impact St. Louis 1995)
Nancy Kranzberg (Leadership St. Louis 1996)
Richard Liekweg (Experience St. Louis 2010)
Marylen Mann (Leadership St. Louis 1980)
Chonda Nwamu (Experience St. Louis 2016)
Kathy Osborn (Leadership St. Louis 1995)
Penny Pennington (Leadership St. Louis 2008/Experience St. Louis 2009)
Brian Philips (Leadership St. Louis 2001)
Tina Pihl (Leadership St. Louis 2016)
Kelly Pollock (Women In Leadership 2001/Leadership St. Louis 2013)
Emily Rauh Pulitzer (Leadership St. Louis 1991)
Neal Richardson (Emerging Leaders 2018)
Donn Rubin (Leadership St. Louis 2001)
Colleen Starkloff (Women In Leadership 1993)
Blake Strode (Leadership St. Louis 2019/Youth Leadership St. Louis 2004)
Susan Trautman (Women In Leadership 1991)
Michelle Tucker(Leadership St. Louis 2010)