Meet Our Alumni

Ann Seeney relocated to St. Louis from the Washington, D.C.,  area in 2010. After serving as Executive Director of Human Resources for Riverview Gardens School District, Ann took over as Director of Human Resources for the St. Louis Cardinals  in 2013. She sits on the board for the Diversity Awareness Partnership as well as The Little Bit Foundation board.

What drew you to Leadership St. Louis?

I was nominated by my colleague, Keith Brooks. He knew I was not from St. Louis and thought this would provide me with a perspective that I couldn’t get elsewhere – he was right! The experience was invaluable and exceeded my expectations. I’ve made connections, and true friendships, with individuals across the area that I would not have met otherwise.

How do you describe the experience to others?

I have described FOCUS and the Leadership St. Louis program as life changing. Not being from the St. Louis area, the region can seem very segregated and many times individuals do not go outside of their established circles. This program brings together diverse groups of people from across the region for one common goal: to be leaders in St. Louis. I know I would not have built the relationships I have with these 50+ individuals had it not been for this program.

What impact have you seen in your life and career since the program?

My Leadership St. Louis class reinvigorated me and drove me to find ways to do more in the community, as well as assist my classmates in their work in the community.

Our class members make every effort to stay involved and communicate with each other. We don’t want our momentum and fire to die down. We encourage each other, congratulate each other, pick each other up, help each other … it’s just a fantastic group of people.

Ann Seeney, Leadership St. Louis

Ann Seeney

Leadership St. Louis 2016-17
Vice President, Human Resources
St. Louis Cardinals