Civic Engagement Toolkit

Engaging with Candidates and Political Parties


Volunteering to work on a political campaign can be an excellent way to help advance your own interests, even as you gain a better understanding of how the political process works. Campaigns welcome volunteers of all ages, from high school and college students to seasoned political advocates.

Campaign volunteers perform a wide range of duties, from stuffing envelopes and working on a phone bank, to voter registration, putting up yard signs, distributing flyers, knocking on doors, or helping to plan events. Modern campaigns also need volunteers who are adept at social media and can assist with online promotional and recruitment efforts.

To volunteer, log on to the national parties’ websites:

Or, reach out at the state level:

Running for Elected Office

Perhaps you are motivated to do more than volunteer for someone else’s campaign or cause. We need committed citizens who care deeply about our community to run for elected offices at all levels.

If you are considering running for office at any level, check out our Civic Capacity Building Resources page, as well as the following resources:

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